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And back again! A smile and a wave to you, follower, and you, worthy reader. It's alright, I know you're all in my head too. Here are some photographs that were taken this past year in Delhi. There aren't that many, not because I haven't been exploring the city, but that it's a clear case what my favourite parts are: old people and ruins, you make the world a better place.


A trinket seller at the Daryagunj book market, I told him about scoring Milligan's War for twenty bucks but he was unimpressed and suggested I'd be better off with one of his pendants. Sales tactic win on his side? Weak character on mine? Who knows these things. 


A bit of cricket at dusk, through a comfortable peephole at the Jamali-Kamali mosque, Mehrauli.


A walnut eater at Meena Bazaar.


Nizamuddin on Urs. The smell of dying rose petals and slowly cooking meat and sudden flashes of light bouncing off gold embroidery. Hectic and overpowering. Beauty, beauty.


An school in R K Puram run by an ngo that I did a photo project for.


Renovation work at Humayun's tomb. The combination of moss and sandstone, it does things to me. If I had my way I'd stop all misled conservation attempts and let things crumble poetically, but don't tell my professors that. Or the ASI.


Riding a giant ferris wheel at the Eid Milan Mela in front of the Red Fort.


Deep, deep within the gallis of R K Puram.


Chawri Bazaar on a Sunday.


And a hurried flash in Govindpuri I probably won't be able to find again, but nevermind, who doesn't love a panther and a pahalwan?

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